Top 3 Reasons For Owning A Summerhouse

Top 3 Reasons For Owning A Summerhouse

Summerhouses are incredibly popular and are a welcome addition to any garden. Chances are, you already have one, or you may be considering it right now. Summer is on the way, after all. On the other hand, the idea of a summerhouse may have never crossed your mind. Whatever the case, here are our top three reasons for owning one. If you haven’t made the purchase yet, or if the summerhouse you already own is sitting dormant, we are about to make your summer complete.

Reason 1: A summerhouse provides shelter from the weather

You want to enjoy your garden in the summer, but there are times when the weather works against you. At certain times of the day the sun can be blazing hot, and at other times of day, the weather can cool down to a breeze and a chill. Of course, there are also those other weather conditions that can suddenly take hold, such as a sudden downpour or a high wind. Rather than scurry into your home to take shelter, you can head into your summerhouse instead. This way, you can still enjoy your garden vista, while taking comfort in a warm environment as protection from the weather. Be sure to buy the appropriate shades such as curtains or blinds – check Ozblinds if you are wondering which blinds are best for me – and stock the interior with things to do until you are ready to get back into the garden again.

Reason 2: A summerhouse is great for working in

Summer is a time for play, but there are those of us who still have to work during the summer. A summerhouse acts as a great home office, allowing you to get on with your work while giving you the means to still enjoy your garden. All you need is a comfortable chair and a desk, a fan and some delicious cool drinks, and away you go. Of course, the idea of ‘work’ goes beyond your regular job. You may want to take part in some of your creative pursuits in the summerhouse, painting or writing perhaps, taking inspiration from your garden surroundings. You might also take your gardening hobby into the summerhouse, with a workshop to build furniture or an enclosure for weather-sensitive plants. So many options and all better than being stuck indoors in your regular office or normal home environment when the weather is fine.

Reason 3: A summerhouse is perfect for privacy

Don’t want your neighbours peeking in at you while you’re relaxing in the garden? Sit in the summerhouse. Looking for some Zen-like peace and quiet away from the family and your other life demands? Relax in the summerhouse. Your kids need somewhere to play during the summer (away from their pesky parents)? Give them free reign of the summerhouse. For all your family’s needs, the summerhouse provides perfect solace for anybody wanting to escape from it all, and for many, this is the greatest reason of them all!

Over to you

We have given you our reasons for owning a summerhouse, but you might have your own ideas. Perhaps you host fabulous garden parties in one, or you may have converted it into some kind of home extension. Whatever you have done, let us know, and further convince those people still undecided about the worthwhile investment a summerhouse can be for any garden.


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