WANT TO MOVE? Why Go Through The Hassle?!

WANT TO MOVE? Why Go Through The Hassle?!

It seems as if when there is a problem at home people jump to the same conclusion. That conclusion is that it is time to move house and start anew. Although starting fresh is a great idea in some cases, it is also a lot of hassle. For one thing, finding a new property is never simple or cheap. Plus, there is the stress of moving all of your belongings and starting all over again. To be honest, it’s often better to stay put, and now you can with these handy hints.


One of the major reasons people want to up and leave is a lack of space. There is nothing more annoying than sharing a tiny kitchen or having to wait for the bathroom in the morning. Still, just because your home isn’t blessed with space doesn’t mean that it will stay that way forever. What you have to be is proactive, and then space will start to appear. Take an extension as an example. Without one, the house will maintain its cosy but frustrating structure. With one, there is an opportunity to add a large amount of space and transform the entire property. All you need is the planning permission and you can start as soon as possible.


Sometimes, an extension isn’t even necessary because you already have the room. Consider your garage for a moment. Yep, the garage doors repairs are tricky and it’s a little cold, yet it has potential. With the right changes, it could easily turn into a living space. In fact, it may be the best living area in the entire house. The excellent thing about a conversion is that there is no need for a permit. It is already a part of the house, and nothing will change as long as you focus on the interior. Also, the cost is a lot cheaper than moving to a brand new property.


Okay, so the property may not be the problem. Your issue can lie with other things such as the state of the community. However, just like the house, it is possible to give it a facelift, too. For starters, you can report the issues to the local authority and ask for their advice. It is also their job to ensure that everything is up to scratch. After all, that is why you pay your taxes. If they don’t respond, take it upon yourself to boost the community spirit. Ask others to get involved and create a group which concentrates on making the area better. Think of a neighbourhood watch program but with more chores.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with moving house if you have the time and inclination. Let’s face it – new starts are as exciting as they are scary. But, it is worth noting that it isn’t your only option. With the tips above, there is no reason why your current house can’t do the job if you make the right tweaks.


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