WANT MORE SPACE IN YOUR HOME? Time To Bring Your Garden Into Play

WANT MORE SPACE IN YOUR HOME? Time To Bring Your Garden Into Play

No matter the size of our homes, the majority of us could use more space. For the most part, we manage as we are for longer than we expect. But, the time inevitably comes when we can’t do it anymore. If you’ve reached the stage where you’re considering a home move in the quest for space, save yourself the hassle. Instead of upgrading your house to gain that much-needed extra room, why not use what you already have?

Don’t panic; we’re not talking about full-blown extensions. An extension project is one that many of us just can’t bear to take on. When you consider the work and expense, a home move can seem like a walk in the park! We’re talking about your outside space. It’s time to consider how you could use it as an extension of your home. Instead of undertaking building work, getting creative with your garden may be the best way forward. Here are a few ways to make the most of the space!


Dining rooms may be dated, but many of us still tie up a room in our homes for the cause. Or, failing that, we crowd out kitchens with tables they could do without. Instead, why not create a patio dining area? Sure, the rain is off putting, but with the addition of a covered deck, you’ll be protected from all the elements. You’ll free up a room in your home, or at least make more space in your kitchen. And, you’ll get to enjoy the experience of eating au natural. With your patio and cover in place, all you’ll need to consider is a dining set suitable for outside use. Then, you can get straight into your new eating routine!


Another alternative is an outhouse. This won’t save you space in the home, but it’ll still create an extra room, or more depending on the model you choose. While it may not be ideal having to cross the garden, it’s a sacrifice worth making. If you plan this through, you’ll be able to have electricity and all the mod cons out there. So, you could make this your new office space. Or, you could designate it as the guest’s area. Consider your needs before starting so you can choose a space that suits!


Or, you could opt for a conservatory. There’s no denying that this is an extension of sorts. But, it’s a lot easier than building proper walls and rooms. It should be a lot cheaper, too! Bear in mind that some homes aren’t designed for this purpose. But, if you have a free wall facing onto your garden, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work.

Again, the use you find for this conservatory is down to you. It won’t be appropriate as an extra bedroom but could make an amazing office space. Or, you could dine in here and enjoy the benefits of freeing up your dining room. The possibilities are endless!


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