Win-Win: Home Improvements That Are Beneficial Now And When You Sell

Win-Win: Home Improvements That Are Beneficial Now And When You Sell

A lot of people talk about adding value when making home improvements. This is wonderful of course because once you sell, you should receive a larger profit, meaning you can invest this in a better property. However, adding value shouldn’t all be about the end result, it should also be a worthwhile action to take for you and your family to enjoy or benefit from now. With this in mind check out our suggestions for win-win home improvements.

Consider a more neutral decor

One thing that has been proven to sell homes time and time again is a neutral decor. That means keeping to colour schemes that include white, cream, and taupe shades only for the wall and furniture. It also means keeping personalised decoration to a minimum, although it’s not necessary to go as far a Zen minimalism. With nothing in the room that doesn’t serve a distinct purpose.

Although, you may be wondering what benefit will my family and I see from this while we are living there? Well, there are actually quite a few. One is that a home decorated in this way is a lot easier to keep clean and tidy because the less clutter you have around the place, the easier it is to keep a handle on it. You also don’t have to dust hundreds of knicks-knacks either, and you can just give everywhere a quick going over, run the vacuum around, and you’re done.

Also living in a neutrally decorated home can be a pleasant experience, as the decor can have a calming and relaxing effect. Perfect for when you have come in after a long day at work and just want to chill out.

Secure your property

Another valuable action that you can take that will both benefit your family now and increase the value of your property when you do decide to sell, is to improve security. To do this, you may wish to consider things like CCTV, alarm systems, and even a sturdy fence around the outside of your property.

Something that can be installed by a company that deals with professional fencing services and that can give you great peace of mind. After all, if you make it difficult enough for burglars you greatly reduce the risk of your home being broken into.

Invest in the garden

A high maintenance garden can look great buy may not add the value you think.

Once you have the decor and security issue sorted, it’s smart to turn your attention to the garden. The outside space needs to be one of two things to make it appealing to buyers and the current homeowners alike. These are either low maintenance or high impact.

Low maintenance gardens are great because they require little work and can still be enjoyed while you live there. High impact gardens are wonderful as they really pack a punch, and can particularly appeal to owners and buyers that love to garden as a hobby.

However, unless you are a keen garden yourself, you should plump for the former selection, because a high maintenance garden will take a lot of work and maintenance, and can even put some buyers off.


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