The Worst Things That Can Happen When You’re Moving Home

The Worst Things That Can Happen When You’re Moving Home

Everyone lives different lives, and we all do different things. But, one thing’s certain for a good 99% of us; we won’t live in the same home all our lives. Everyone moves, and everyone has different experiences when they move home. For some, it can be a breeze, and they’ll quite happily move home often, possibly for work, possibly because they just like living in different places. Then, you have others that don’t have good moving experiences. Bad things happen that make everything way more stressful.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the worst things that can happen when you’re moving home and how you can try and deal with them. Check out the list here:

You’ve Got Nowhere To Go

There are many cases where you’re forced to move home before you’ve actually bought a new property. This could be because the people buying your house set a moving in date for themselves, meaning you’ve got a race against time to get a place of your own. If you don’t already have a property lined up, it can put you in a very stressful situation.

You have no place to go, and boxes upon boxes of things to move, what can you do? Firstly, you can deal with the boxes by putting them in storage. As you can see here, there are self-storage facilities available of varying sizes. Next, you need to find somewhere to live, which might mean renting an apartment on a short-term contract or staying in a hotel. If you’re lucky, you can cut your costs and stay with family. Regardless, it’s a bad situation that will cost a lot of money!

Your Belongings Get Damaged

Everyone worries about sticking all their things in the back of a removals truck and then unpacking them at their new home to find precious things are broken. This can happen if the boxes aren’t handled properly or your belongings aren’t packaged and protected as they should be. As a result, you could have loads of important and valuable things that are damaged and broken.

You can avoid this by carrying out your own removal. At least by doing this, you know how everything is stored in a van and can protect things yourself.

You Damage Property

If you’re moving huge items of furniture out of your old home, there’s always a risk that walls or doorways can get knocked against and seriously damaged. If this happens, you’re in trouble with the new owners who can ask you to pay repairs. Or, if you’re moving out of a rental you might not get your deposit back and be charged extra for repairs too. Likewise, you don’t want to damage your new property as it just means more money for you to fork out.

Unfortunately, the only way around this is to be careful. As you can see on, there are plenty of tricks for moving furniture safely and carefully.

These are the worst things that can happen to you during a move. They cause loads of stress and can cost you a lot of money too. If you know how to deal with each problem, it can make life a lot better for everyone involved!


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