The moment when the Internet became widely available, we all get infinite possibilities for communication, information, learning, fun … Lately, we rely on the internet for many things. Having the access to the Internet means having access to the world. When we talk about security on the Internet, it primarily refers to the confidentiality and integrity of our personal data, the security of our own computer and maintaining the confidentiality of our own web and mail traffic. People are constantly working to improve Internet security. But that is just part of a whole, because there are a number of things that you can do in order to protect yourself.

Being cautious online is very important for every woman who is active on social networks, who likes online shopping when seeking for a new dress, or searching for a new job opportunity. But in order to prevent hacking of passwords, information theft or misuse of private information, it is necessary to prevent a number of negative situations which may occur. Here are a few things that tech-savvy women need to know in order to stay safe when using the internet.


The first thing we think about when it comes to internet security is the password. We should come up with strong and unique passwords. While choosing passwords for different sites definitely make sure that those are unique, so someone could not easily guess it. Do not use common words and phrases. Whenever possible, use a combination of letters, symbols and numbers. And do not forget to change your passwords regularly to keep hackers busy. Consider using a password manager if you are dealing with long, complex passwords which are too much to handle. It provides online security in the best possible way.


Email is the most common tool of communication, but also very useful for cyber criminals. By e-mail, you can reach various viruses and facilities that can harm your computer. If you do not know who did you get the mail from or it is not clearly specified what the topic is, or it may be spam, do not open it because it could contain the virus that might infect your computer. The same goes for e-mails containing attachments, if you do not know what was on it and/or do not know who the sender of the email is, it would be the best to delete the mail. The only action that can prevent unintended consequences is the immediate deletion of such e-mails. Anyway, if you respond to such mail, you will only worsen the situation.


In cases when using a WiFi connection from the local coffee shop or any public location to check email, pay bills or access some social networks, it is necessary to log in or use your personal data. Simple logging into your account for a moment could give a potential hacker the opportunity to view your information over an unsecured connection. Entering data necessary for payment requires network or Internet site that is safe. An indication that the site is protected is the display key or locked padlock. If you use private information on a computer that is not yours, do not use the “remember” option. Try not to tell anyone the password for access and when going out from a site use a “log off” option, so no one could use your account. If you are in an Internet cafe, do not let anyone see your password or information that can be misused. In such cases, it is good to use a ExpressVPN, as your private network and thereby prevent access to your data and misuse of data. VPN serves as a security tunnel which enables to communicate and perform your work safely.


One of the innovations that followed the development of technology is payment through the internet. It is important to know that when paying via the Internet, you should use only proven and well-known sites. So, if you do not know the site, nor you have ever heard of it, avoid payment options. PIN number is the data which, in the “online” payment, should be carefully consider when providing it. But, of course, if you are sure that the site is secure – you should not run away from this option because it can save you from waiting in rows and save your time as well.

Of course, Internet has benefits, but bear in mind that it is vulnerable. If you cannot save the Internet, save yourself and data you provide or exchange. Thus, you will enjoy its perks and make your surfing fun and secure.

Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi is a successful web developer from Dallas, Texas and one of the writers of wefollowtech.com. He is twenty-three years old, and when he isn’t working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and watching old movies.